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Withania somnifera known as ashwagandha, is an important medicinal herb that has been used in the ayurvedic and other indigenous systems of medicine for over 3000 years. Phytochemically the plant is unique in possessing the largest and structurally most diversified set of withanolides, which were named after the genus of the plant. These compounds are structurally diverse steroidal compounds in which C22 and C26 of ergostane skeleton are oxidized to form delta lactone unit. Withaferin A the first member of this group of compounds was isolated in 1956 from the well known Indian medicinal plant ashwagandha, and its structure was elucidated in 1965. Withaferin A can be described as 4, 27-dihydroxy-1-oxo-5, 6-epoxy witha-2, 24-dienolide.